I’m working on a short film about my friend Max.  He’s one of the best titanium builders in the US and lives right here in Seattle.  He’s worked for the likes of Seven and Merlin.  These days, he welds for Hampsten and Davidson, but builds his style of bikes – fast, efficient race machines, for himself under the 333FAB banner.  These are some shots I took as I was exploring his world.

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Simple tools for the process, really.  It's the know how that is complicated.  ©StraightEIGHT Films

Looking down the barrel of some MAX Tubing - Oversized steel tubes that are so so light and sweet.   ©StraightEIGHT Films 2012

At the milling machine. ©StraightEIGHT Films 2012Max working on the jig, lining up the tubes on this steel bike he's building for a client.  ©StraightEIGHT Films 2012Max at work. ©StraightEIGHT Films 2012Raw Materials. ©StraightEIGHT Films 2012The jig.  ©StraightEIGHT Films 2012Double Checking the measurement. ©StraightEIGHT Films 2012Working the Lathe.  ©StraightEIGHT Films 2012Some of Max's tools.  ©StraightEIGHT Films 2012

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