SLGFF 2011 “Mix”

What are the different genres of film you might encounter at a film festival?  It’s a mix, like a box of chocolates… We explored the many of those facets in this trailer for the Seattle Lesbian and Gay Film Festival. Shooting with people frozen, we moved the camera rapidly around the actors capturing a moment in time.  Then, the designers and animators went to work tracking and compositing plus adding some love to make this thing come to life.  Directing frozen talent is harder than it looks.

Director: Matthew J. Clark
DP: Billy Summers
Lead Designer:  Caleb Van Winkle
Editor:  Mike Southworth
Composer:  Matt Huchinson
Agency:  Frank
Agency Writer: Forrest Healy
Agency Art Director: Zach Hitner
Production Company:  Loaded Pictures

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