After All This

Helen’s life is coming to an untimely end, thanks to cancer. She and her husband face hard decisions about what to do next.  I was invited to make this film by the Seattle International Film Festival as apart of their 2011 Fly Filmmaking Challenge.  Written in less than a week, with writer Pete Fromm, and shot in 3 days, the film was a whirlwind.  I stuck to a story close to my heart, something I lived through. To be able to make this in such short order, I had to tell a story I knew inside and out.  Special thanks go out to Washington Film Works for their support.

With:  Alycia Delmore & Rich Morris

Screenplay:  Pete Fromm
Director:  Matthew J. Clark
DP:  Mike Prevette
Production Designer:  Curtis Taylor
Casting:  Jodi Rothfield
Editor:  Mike Southworth
Composer:  Peter Broderick
Sound Design/Mix:  Sam Gray
Line Producer:  Mark Campbell

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