Dry Rain

On a blazing afternoon in a heartland of wheat stubble and clouds that bring no rain, a father and son strike out on a road trip. Stil has taken his ten year-old son, Joey, from his ex-wife’s, crossing the Montana border into Canada. He insists it’s a vacation, but Joey, listening to ransom calls, pushes him hard for the truth.

Matt won the IFP Spotlight Award for Dry Rain.  The film had screenings at festivals including:  Seattle International Film Festival, Rochester International Film Festival, Palm Springs International Film Festival, LA Shorts Fest, Wisconsin Film Festival, Spokane International Film Festival and the Tacoma Film Festival.

Starring: James Le Gros (Stil) & Nathan Gamble (Joey)

Based on the short story DRY RAIN, by Pete Fromm.

Director:  Matthew J. Clark
DP:  Doug Hostetter
Production Designer:  Jason Puccinelli
Editor:  Lee Gardner
Composer:  Chris White
Producers:  Brian Homman & Matthew J. Clark

Here’s the trailer:

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