Pinhole exploration

I’ve been fascinated with pinhole photography for some time now.  I love shooting stills with a pinhole.  Things unfold in front of the camera in a whole different way when you are shooting exposures that are sometimes minutes or hours long.  To get decent resolution and acuity in pinhole photography, you need a small aperture or pinhole. The one I use is equivalent to an f200 something (outside in the sun, an f16 is usually a good stop). So, shooting people becomes curious.  Who can sit still for a five minute exposure?  I’ve always wanted to incorporate pinhole acquisition into a moving piece, but the hurdles of shooting long exposures with extreme amounts of light have always gotten in the way.  Then it came to me – if I shot digital bursts similar to an animation shoot and then used several 10k lights to illuminate the subject (I had about 30,000 watts of light to make a good exposure).  This is what came of all of that…  an interesting exploration.  I call it: emerge |iˈmərj|