StraightEIGHT Films got the call from Ryan Lewis in early May of 2014 to work with the guys to create the video.  We hit the ground running in early June getting things ready for the shoot.  With eight days of shooting with lions, tigers, underwater work, wire work, tons of green screen, huge sets and lots and lots of extras plus piles of VFX shots for set extensions, matte paintings, and loads of roto work it scaled up to be a big production. The project was released in early August 2014.  Matthew Clark and Craig Stevens produced the project for Executive Producers Macklemore and Ryan Lewis.  Directors Jason Koenig and John Keatley worked side by side to realize the vision.  We couldn’t have been more pleased and honored to work with such a tight knit family of collaborators.

“Arrows” was the first single off the Lesser Oceans album by Fences. The track was created in collaboration with Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. The single reached number one on Billboard Magazine’s Emerging Artists chart. Lesser Oceans was released on March 10, 2015.

Fences is Chris Mansfield, Benjamin Greenspan, Lindsey Starr, Elliott Garm Chaffee

Executive Producer:  Macklemore and Ryan Lewis
Directors:  Jason Koenig & John Keatley
Written and Created by:  Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Jason Koenig, Chris Mansfield
Production Company: StraightEIGHT Films
Producers:  Matthew J Clark & Craig Stevens
Production Manager:  Elizabeth Deutsch
Production Designer:  Adi Goodrich
Art Director:  John Lavin
DPs: Jason Koenig & John Keatley
Camera Operator: Doug Hostetter
1st AC: Jason Knoll
Gaffer: Vince Klimek
Editors:  Johnny Valencia & Jason Koenig
VFX Crew: Ian Hubert, Nathan H. Taylor, Ian Goode
Compositing:  Ian Huber, Ian Goode, Gigantic Squid
Color Corection:  Kevin Adams, Workbench