The Big Payback

Romaro Franceswa is one tough kid.  He’s takin’ a crack at the big names in the rap game.  Scrappy, confident and very personable… he’s gonna make it.  Matt shot this video for local director Johan Liedgren with help from Producer Paul Breslin.  What a crazy weekend of shooting.  Now, we’re getting the props from a few outlets including Respect Mag and City Arts. The video has been well received and it has been on the big screen.  City Arts hosted a new series at Northwest Film Forum where The Big Payback screened.  Good work is always a pleasure to be apart of.

Writer/Director: Johan Liedgren
Producer: Paul Breslin
Assistant Director: Damian Payne
DP: Matthew J. Clark
B-Camera Operator: Jacob Rosen
Gaffer: Vince Klimek
Art Director: Oscar Lofgren
Wardrobe Stylist: Heather Simchuk
Editor: David “Crisp Cuts” Gray