The one great thing about our business is the chance to make a difference.  Matt jumped at the chance to work with the Mariners to make a spot for a new AntiBullying initiative with the chance to reach out to people, change their thinking about bullying and make a difference. This was a unique challenge in that we had super star pitcher, Cy Young Award winner Felix Hernandez and Grammy Award winning artist Macklemore as our partners, but we only had them for about 2 hours to make this all happen. It was fast and furious shooting. On top of the time restraints, we had to keep the stars under wraps because we were springing them on the kids. These students knew they were going to be in a commercial and shooting with Moose. They just didn’t know Felix and Macklemore were coming along too! Check out the making of below. The looks and reactions from the kids are priceless.

Agency: Copacino+Fujikado
Director: Matthew J. Clark
Producer: Craig Stevens
DP: Ronnie Dennis
Editor: Troy Murison
Production Company: StraightEIGHT Films