Who’s watching the Watcher?

Creepy, a little voyeuristic, and kookie with an NSA vibe and that feeling you should be looking over your shoulder, but we pulled back the curtain to reveal what’s really going on. Thanks to the team at WongDoody for taking us on this wild ride to help tell the #BeWatching story. The collaboration was a great experience. And we got a chance to help out a Seattle institution that we love and celebrate – SIFF.

Director/DP: Matthew J. Clark
Director: Lindsay Daniels
Producer: Craig Stevens
Production Designer: Erin O. Kay
Editor: Lee Gardner
Composer: Wesley Slover
Composer: Brendon Williams
Visual Effects: Charlie Bartlett
Animation: Alan Llave
Color Correction: Jeff Tillotson, Lightpress
Sound Design and Mix: Eric Johnson, Clatter and Din