The Smartest Generation.

Back in February, Matthew along with Producer Craig Stevens, lit out into the vast mountain-scape of Western Montana to capture a new campaign for Montana State Fund.  MSF is Montana’s proprietary workers’ compensation fund and is celebrating 100 years of the workmen’s comp act.  Getting this act off the ground was no small feat considering the huge business running in Montana back at the turn of the century.  Mining and railroad plus logging were king.  The scale of their operations created good jobs, but horrible working conditions.  The workmen’s comp act help turn the tide to safer work environments.

The crew spent 10 days on the ground shooting from Frenchtown to Phillipsburg, Missoula to Bozeman with stops in Whitehall, Butte, Gold Creek, and Belgrade.  They went from gold mines to ranches, Discovery Ski area to a plywood mill and to Simms, famed fly fishing apparel company in Bozeman to Big Sky Brewery in Missoula – Moose Drool anyone?  Fires, logs, trains, mills, mines, lifts, cows, coffee and beer.  This was kind of like a tourism campaign, but all about work and working safe.

A huge thanks goes to long time collaborators Partners Creative in Missoula for bringing on StraightEIGHT Films for the project.  All told, we created two TV commercials, two short films and a print campaign out of all the material we created.  You can see some of it here at the MSF Website and on their Facebook page.

There’s nothing like working in the Big Sky State.  Always fun and satisfying.

Enjoy some behind the scenes snaps thanks to Craig and Jason Knoll, our camera assistant.