Learning Something New.

When was the last time you tried something utterly different and new? Even scared you a little bit and pulled you out of your comfort zone? Something that taxed you mentally and physically? Just imagine trying that new thing, something that most people learned to do as a kid. That’s just what Kalpana Kanal, a 47 year old PHD Physicist at the University of Washington did. She stepped up to make a change in her life. She learned to ride a bike…yes, at 47! Her actions were inspiring. So much so, she was picked out of hundreds of people to help tell the greater story of what Cascade Bicycle Club is doing in the Puget Sound region: improving lives through bicycles while building community. Through three unique stories, Matthew painted a bigger picture of what Cascade, the largest bike club in America, is doing to educate, advocate and inspire people to ride.

Director/DP: Matthew J. Clark
Editor: Duncan Sharp
Assistant Editor & Production Support: Jason Cemanski
Mix and Audio Sweetening: Scott Weiss, Pure Audio