Finger Job.

Yeah. Finger job. Weird, isn’t it? But, the weirdness pays off in these new spots Matthew Directed and Shot for the Washington State Lottery. The new scratch tickets are out and the Sounders take center stage. The good peeps at Cole & Weber came up with these hilarious concepts. Now, casting for people with some fancy finger work is an interesting task and then to create those little Sounders kit? Crazy, but oh so fun. We shot a couple of days including some time with the Sounders at their practice facility. These will play on line and during Sounders’ matches at home. Thanks to Lustre for bringing Matthew on and doing a bang up job pulling it all together.

Agency: Cole & Webber
Production Company: Lustre Communications
Director/DP: Matthew J. Clark
Executive Producer: Karri McGough
Producer: Gena Felton
Line-Producer: Sara Beth Schooley
Costumer: Victoria Simons
Production Design: Doug Clark
Editor/Colorist: Billy Restey