We all run for different reasons. In this new piece for Brooks, Matthew tells three unique stories about why these folks get out and run. Their motivation is exceptional, but the simple act of running fires them up to do it day in and day out.

Now we know what it means to be a “Streak Runner.” Michael Hughes hasn’t missed a day running in over 9 years. And, imagine running with well over 120 pounds of ballast in a purpose built stroller all to train for pushing kids around with disabilities during a a marathon (26.2 miles) or an Ultra Marathon of 100 miles? Peter Kline does just that, because he can. Or taking the fight to MDS and running because others can’t? Angie Prosek does it in honor of her mom. These are real people running, doing their thing, and it is beautiful.

Production Company: Unheardof
Director/DP: Matthew J. Clark
Editor: Slavka Kuehn
Executive Producer: Matthew Ackerman & Alan Nay
Producer: Peggy Case
Colorist: Eric Rosen with Lightpress