Fred Hutch “Gift of Time”

Working with Fred Hutch Cancer Research Institute, we embarked on a challenging project that had us exploring and telling the story of “The Gift of Time.” Time as it refers to a cancer patient is something so different to everyone else. The sense of time changes when you are staring at a diagnosis or wondering about remission or even for the researcher that needs quality time to find a cure. Working with an impressive team at StraightEIGHT Films, we moved forward to capture one man’s story of beating cancer as a 16 year old, 40 years ago. His story was wrapped up with supporting vignettes that help describe this idea of time. Matthew Mulder came in as the Creative Director, Slavka Kuehn was our editor, Jesse Salomon Clark our composer and Matthew Clark was the director and cinematographer. Working closely with the Fred Hutch team, we developed the story and spent countless hours researching, interviewing and capturing these stories. We infused ephemeral imagery to extend the idea of time and to visualize various parts of the story. The resulting project was used at the Fred Hutch Gala to help raise money for cancer research. The evening and the screening of our work was a success. We helped raise over $8.3 million dollars for the Hutch. We were honored to be apart of the project and help move cancer research forward.

Creative Director/Diretor: Matthew Mulder
Director/DP: Matthew J. Clark
Editor: Slavka Kuehn
Producers: Jill McBride & Lindsay Martin
Colorist: Eric Rosen with Lightpress
Composer: Jesse Salomon Clark
Sound Design: John Buroker